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Fruit-infused water is fundamentally different from natural fruit juice. The taste of fruit-infused water is soft and fresh. And the taste of natural juice is often too ‘heavy’, and that is the reason why we cannot drink a lot of it. Minglemoose bottles are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a light and tasty drink they made themselves.


Water infused in Minglemoose bottles looks stylish, esthetic and colorful! Moreover, drinking water from a Minglemoose bottle is much tastier because we all find the esthetic appearance of a product we eat or drink very important. If your goal is to be healthy and drink the amount of water necessary for a healthy body, you definitely need a Minglemoose bottle to reach this uneasy goal.


Fresh fruit juice is nutritious as it contains calories and natural sugar. Did you know that juice made of four oranges contains over 240 calories? Meanwhile fruit-infused water has very few calories that will not ‘burden’ your body. It’s also worth noting that you will need only one fruit or several slices of it to make infused water.


Probably all of us have at least once set a goal to drink freshly made juice every morning. And we are sure that, just like ours, your determination did not last long since assembling and cleaning your juice maker is a time-consuming process. It’s also difficult because you need to make sure in advance that you have plenty of fruits in the evening to make juice in the morning. It will take only a few minutes to make infused water with Minglemoose and you will be able to spend all the remaining time you would have spent on cleaning you juice maker on things you enjoy.


Just like air, it’s indispensible. We all want to be healthy, and Minglemoose bottles are indispensible when reaching this goal.


In our modern life full of stress and tension, digestion problems are common, especially acid reflux. Because of it many of us cannot drink fresh juice as it makes the problem even worse. Minglemoose bottles are a great way for such people to enjoy fruit-infused water and its health benefits.


With Minglemoose, you will always have fruit-infused water with you. The bottles are shock-resistant and durable, so you can take them wherever you want– to work, gym or for a hike.


Minglemoose bottles are not only stylish but also help you to feel good, have the perfect mood and stay fit. We all know that drinking the sufficient amount of water helps our body to better remove toxics that are bad for your skin and the general state of your body. By drinking the necessary amount of water you can better control the feeling of hunger, and that is very important for those wishing to lose that extra weight.