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Probably all of us have had days when you wake up on a grey and rainy Lithuanian morning and don’t want to get up and go to work. I am not an exception. I’ve had so many mornings when I used to lay in my bed and think where I should get my energy from and why no one hasn‘t invented a charger for people. Coffee? It would help temporarily… just for that moment. But eventually the same mood would sink in and I wouldn’t have energy and desire for anything. Home – work – home. The same routine every day.

It was an ordinary morning with a cup of coffee and scrolling through the news. It was then that an article about water and its health benefits caught my eye. It listed symptoms indicating that your body was lacking water and they included fatigue, slow metabolism/weight problems and dry skin. It ticked all the boxes. I used to drink water sparsely as hated its taste or a lack of it, to be honest.

But I have to. Probably everyone should tell it to yourself. But how? How can you make yourself drink the recommended 1.5-2 liters of water daily?It was the day when I realized that the main reason why I can‘t drink the recommended amount of water is very simple – I just can‘t drink water which is ‘boring’ and tasteless. I started looking for ways to naturally improve its taste without adding any sugar and calories. Surprisingly, it’s very easy to do and doesn’t require much time. There are dozens of combinations of fruits, vegetables and herbs which make plain water special – infused with flavor, aroma and vitamins.

The idea that I can change the taste of water and discover new and surprising taste combinations gripped me. Even more surprising was that I realized that I can drink much more infused water than plain water. And so my mood improved considerably and I became more active. I wanted to be able to drink infused water all the time.

Now my goal is to get as many people as possible to have a proper habit of drinking plenty of water, which can change your life. And the Minglemoose infused water bottle is perfect for making infused water quickly and creatively and feel great all day long. Try it and you will definitely feel the difference!

„Change today – set your energy fountains free!“