Orange and mint recipe - Minglemoose
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Oranges are rich in vitamin C that strengthens the immune system and cuts the risk of heart disease. Oranges also have plenty of nutrients that improve mental activity and slow ageing processes. Mint refreshes, stimulates and improves digestion.


4 orange slices
2-4 mint leaves


– Cut the orange into slices (without the skin);
– Put ingredients into the infusion basket and screw the infusion basked lid on;
– Fill 80% of your Minglemoose infused water bottle with cold water;
– Insert the infusion basket and screw the lid on tightly;
– Make sure the lid is screwed properly and then shake your Minglemoose bottle for better infusion;
– If you are aiming for maximum infusion of taste and vitamins, leave your Minglemoose bottle overnight in the fridge.

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