Refreshing watermelon and mint recipe - Minglemoose
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Refreshing water infused with cucumber and mint will leave you fresh and energetic the whole day. Watermelon hydrates you skin as it has a lot of antioxidants. Mint is a natural stimulant that also improves digestion.


A handful of watermelon cubes.
2-4 mint leaves


– Cut the watermelon into cubes;
– Put ingredients into the infusion basket and screw the infusion basked lid on;
– Fill 80% of your Minglemoose infused water bottle with cold water;
– Insert the infusion basket and screw the lid on tightly;
– Make sure the lid is screwed properly and then shake your Minglemoose bottle for better infusion;
– If you are aiming for maximum infusion of taste and vitamins, leave your Minglemoose bottle overnight in the fridge.

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