I. General Provisions

  1. The regulations (hereinafter ‘Regulations’) of the Minglemoose.lt e-shop (hereinafter ‘Shop’) are applicable to every Customer when placing orders in the Minglemoose.lt e-shop.
  2. Minglemoose.lt reserves the right to amend and supplement these Regulations at any time where necessary. For buying in the e-shop, the regulations existing at the time of placing an order shall be applicable.
  3. The Customer shall not be allowed to order goods if they have not acquainted themselves with these Regulations and have not confirmed that. It shall be deemed in all cases that the Customer has acquainted themselves with the Regulations and agrees with them, if the Customer confirms acquaintance with the Regulations it when placing an order. If the Customer does not partly or fully agree with the Regulations, they shall not be able to place an order in the Minglemoose.lt e-shop. Otherwise, the Customer shall be deemed to have agreed with the regulations unconditionally.
  4. Minglemoose.lt shall not assume any risk and shall be unconditionally released from the responsibility if the Customer has not got acquainted themselves with these Regulations in detail despite having been provided with such a possibility.

II. Privacy Policy

  1. The Customer shall be provided with a possibility to get newsletters Minglemoose.lt.
  2. By registering at Minglemoose.lt and placing orders, the Customer shall be obliged to keep their login information and shall not disclose it to anyone. If the Customer discloses their login information, Minglemoose.lt shall be released from any related responsibility.

III. Order Placement Rules and Conditions

  1. After visiting the Minglemoose.lt website, the Customer shall place selected goods into the ‘basket’.
  2. Having placed the selected goods into the ‘basket’, the Customer shall complete all required information, including the name, surname, address, phone number and any other important information for the delivery of the goods, as specified in the e-shop.
  3. The final window shall generate all the information provided by the Customer and the Customer shall make sure the provided information is correct before confirming the order. The Customer shall have an opportunity to correct information before placing an order.
  4. The Customer shall not able to confirm an order without clicking ‘Agree’ and confirming it. If the Customer has not acquainted themselves with these Regulations, they shall do so before confirming the order and containing information.
  5. After the Customer confirms the order, it is send to Minglemoose.lt. An order shall be considered placed from the moment it is received by Minglemoose.lt. At this moment it shall also be deemed that the Customer and Minglemoose.lt have entered into a purchase-sale agreement. The agreement shall be deemed executed only upon receipt by Minglemoose.lt of a payment from the Customer.
  6. After the Customer places an order, the Minglemoose.lt system shall automatically send the Customer an email containing information about the ordered goods and information provided by the Customer.
  7. All orders shall be kept in the Minglemoose.lt database for a period of time specified in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  8. It shall be deemed in all cases that by placing an order, the Customer confirms to have acquainted themselves with and unconditionally agree with the e-shop Regulations and all other conditions specified in the order.
  9. The agreement is made and executed in the state language.

IV. Warranty and Delivery

  1. The description of goods in the e-shop shall include general characteristics of every item.
  2. Minglemoose.lt shall indicate and the Customer shall confirm that they are aware of the fact that goods in the e-shop may differ in their color, form and other characteristics from the real size, format and color due to the parameters of a computer display.
  3. The Customer agrees that when placing an online order, they agree to pay the price indicted in the order.
  4. Minglemoose.lt shall sell goods matching the conditions described in the order. When the Customer receives goods that do not match the conditions described in the order, the Customer shall, first of all, immediately inform the shop by calling the phone number provided on Minglemoose.lt or shall inform the e-shop via email info@minglemoose.lt, and the shop shall undertake to take any necessary action to rectify the defects, if they arose due to the fault of Minglemoose.lt or third parties acting on behalf thereof. If Minglemoose.lt fails to rectify the defects in a reasonable period of time agreed with the Customer, the Customer shall have the right to defend their rights pursuant to the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
  5. With respect to goods, Minglemoose.lt shall undertake:

5.1 To supply goods of proper quality and pursuant to the requirements specified in the order.
5.2 To supply the Customer with the amount of goods specified in the order. Minglemoose.lt shall not be held accountable in those cases when the amount of goods is not clear due the Customer failing to properly state it in the order placed at www.minglemoose.lt.
5.3 In all cases, Minglemoose.lt shall supply the Customer with the goods matching the criteria specified in the order.
5.4 When the order contains a certain set of goods, Minglemoose.lt shall undertake to supply all constituent parts of the set.
5.5 Goods shall be delivered in a package taking into account their nature and to make sure they are suitable for use.

V. Payment and Terms

  1. The Customer shall pay for the goods via one of the methods of payments provided by Minglemoose.lt
  2. The processing of the order shall start upon receipt by Minglemoose.lt of a payment for the goods.

VI. Return and Replacement

  1. The return and replacement of goods shall be made pursuant to the procedure stipulated in the Return and Replacement Rules.
  2. The valid version of the Return and Replacement Rules is placed on www.minglemoose.lt.

VII. Delivery

  1. Minglemoose.lt shall undertake to deliver the goods to the Customer not later than in 14 business days after the Customer receives a confirmation of the processing of the order. The term shall not be valid if Minglemoose.lt does not have the necessary goods in stock and the Customer is informed of the lack of the goods ordered. The Customer shall also agree that the delivery time might be longer due to extraordinary circumstances. In such cases, Minglemoose.lt shall undertake to contact the Customer immediately and arrange another time for delivery.
  2. The Customer shall undertake to receive the ordered goods personally. When the Customer is not able to receive the goods personally and the goods are delivered to the specified address based on other information provided by the Customer, the Customer shall have no right to complain to Minglemoose.lt about the delivery of the goods to the wrong person.
  3. The Customer shall immediately inform Minglemoose.lt via email info@minglemoose.lt or by phone number specified at www.minglemoose.lt, if the goods have been delivered in a damaged package, wrong goods have been delivered, a wrong number of goods have been delivered or not all constituent parts of a set of goods have been delivered.